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How to Research Your Competition Using Field Team Management Software

Why Companies Need Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is a substantial part of marketing strategy. It allows companies to assess their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and develop effective strategies to improve competitive advantage. Yet most of the companies do not conduct this type of analysis systematically enough, relying on intuition and informal impressions. A lack of robust competitor analysis places companies at risk of being outdone by competitors.

How Field Team Management Software Can Help Research Competition?

Today keeping up with the times companies have already implemented various types of field team management software to automate field reps activities and improve their performance. It should be mentioned that a comprehensive field team management software solution is not just for field reps tracking or store tasks performance. The most sophisticated field team management solutions offer companies the ability to conduct regular store audits collecting various types of data, including clients information, prices, parameters of the layout, photo reports, customer surveys, stock levels, promotional activities and so on. Thus, to take the full advantage of their field team management software solution, along with gathering store data on it’s own performance, companies should do the same thing with competitors’ information.

What Are The Benefits of Automated Competitor Data Collection?

Field team management software provides customizable task templates with different types of answers for everything that needs to be checked, allowing your field reps to capture accurate, live data that can be analyzed in real time back at the home office. Real-time analytics and customizable reports to analyze competitors’ strategies is one of the most important features of field team management software, which allow companies to use targeted marketing when competing with those surrounding brands.
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