Monday, September 15, 2014

What kind of Results can you Expect when you use VisitBasis?

Boost sales, boost market share, boost field rep productivity, boost results, optimize retail execution, manage field reps, boost ROI, boost return on investment, field rep time tracking, field rep activity tracking.
When you begin to use VisitBasis you will promptly realize that it is a high quality web interface and mobile app solution that will make all your retail execution operations a lot easier to task and organize utilizing the user-friendly dashboard, and that you can customize in as much or as little detail as you warrant necessary.

Immediately you will notice the following:
  • Boost Return on Investment 
    Sales will skyrocket as you mobilize your field team and empower them with essential tools and data that will increase daily productivity, retail visits, sales and customer relations.
  • Maximize Retail Visits Value By utilizing VisitBasis for retail execution and merchandising, field reps will significantly show improvement in coverage and task executions with VisitBasis bulk scheduling and task assigning feature. 
  • Manage your Field Reps EffectivelyWhen you implement VisitBasis into your daily operations - field reps will be able to use data collection features, which allows for team’s activities to be captured at all times. You will be able to analyze and monitor your sales reps’ performances and you can use your notes and observations for time sheet tracking, retail visit validation, training and more! 

As you can see, VisitBasis is all you need to keep track of your merchandising enterprise, field reps and store visit activities in real time.

Sales will increase as well as productivity, putting you in the lead!

Create an account with VisitBasis today and start taking full advantage of all the merchandising features that VisitBasis provides to empower you and your retail execution and sales team!

Start today!

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