Tuesday, September 16, 2014

BYOD with VisitBasis - Not Only Cost-Saving but also a Time-Saving Solution

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Retail Execution and Merchandising is a fast-moving business, having no time to waste with issues such as lack of field rep productivity. With tools such as advanced task setting, visit verification, route planning and ordering, VisitBasis allows for a dynamic workflow and improved communication between management and field agents.

With the high turnover rate of some areas of the business, especially the ones that call for seasonal work, it is very costly to provide equipment for every single field agent, not only due to gadget price but also the time that goes into training. VisitBasis provides a uniform interface across most smartphones and tablets available today on the market, so mobile agents can bring their own devices - the ones they are already used to operating.

Summarizing, with VisitBasis:

  • No need to invest in costly equipment - field agents can bring their own devices. VisitBasis works seamlessly accross iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones and tablets. 
  • No training necessary - VisitBasis’ intuitive and user-friendly interface works in the same way across most smartphones and tablets. 
  • Unlimited number of devices per user - if the field rep’s standard device breaks or runs out of battery, for instance, he can use any other device available to him (even borrowed!) to log into VisitBasis and complete his tasks for the day. 
  • Work offline, then synchronize automatically once the device goes online - VisitBasis works even on less sophisticated tablets with only wi-fi access. 

See how VisitBasis can improve your Retail Execution and Merchandising team productivity - Sign up Today!

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