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Pay-As-You-Go: The New Approach to SaaS

In the new world of SaaS (Software as a Service) it seems very convenient to think of software licenses as monthly subscriptions. However, one can quickly loose track of what is being paid for, especially when these subscriptions feel like a good deal in comparison to paying the full software license upfront.

This is why VisitBasis developed the new and innovative pay-as-you-go approach to its mobile retail visit planning and management tool. With this new payment system, customers are only charged for visits actually started, at the rate of $0.20 per visit, with no minimums.

For customers of all sizes this can translate into significant savings comparing to the traditional pay-per-month approach, since they will only be paying for active users and their usage and not for office-only/admin users and idle periods (such as weekends, holidays, configuration and setup, etc).

See in the below chart a comparison between VisitBasis’ pay-as-you-go and the traditional pay-per-month systems:

Read VisitBasis' press release on their new pay-as-you-go system.

Visit to learn more.


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