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VisitBasis – Built for Businesses of All Sizes

Any small business owner can tell how costly it is to start up a new company, and the costs that are incurred in addition to producing the actual product one wants to sell. So it is hard to justify investing hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars a year in one piece of software, even though it would help with order placement and the improvement of product presentation at the point-of-sale, which could lead to more sales.

VisitBasis is a complete in-store execution and merchandising tool, and it was designed with businesses of all sizes in mind.

For small businesses, VisitBasis offers, among others:

  • Easy to configure web interface, straightforward app, no software installation or deployment necessary – no need for IT department or consultant.
  • Scalability – VisitBasis was designed to grow with you and your budget. A homemade gourmet food operation could start-up with only one person in charge of everything and probably with an irregular schedule of retail visits, so it will only pay for the visits this one person makes. No software licenses, no minimum number of users, no full-month payment, all the advanced tools and features that VisitBasis offers to help this small business analyze and improve its in-store execution, leading to increase in sales and company growth. 
  • No need to invest in expensive hardware and training – VisitBasis is cross-platform and works seamlessly across iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets, so your field reps can bring the devices that they already own and know how to operate. 
For large corporations or field marketing operations, VisitBasis is a powerful and complete tool, with all the advanced features required for effective retail execution and merchandising:

  • It supports an unlimited number of divisions, unlimited number of users - each with its individual security level, and thousands of SKUs.
  • Easy to connect with enterprise systems either through Excel XML file export/import or through Rest API.
  • Additionally, VisitBasis runs on Google Cloud, providing a safe and robust environment able to handle large amounts of data traffic and is also the most reliable in terms of service availability, even if your business works across several countries. 

See for yourself what VisitBasis can do for your business - sign up today for a free account! 


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