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Mobile Data Capture on Tablets and Smartphones using VisitBasis

Mobile Data Capture features are readily available for you and your merchandising operation when you use VisitBasis mobile app. Data capture is a feature that is paramount to the success of merchandisers and their field agents.

You will have access to the most advanced and progressive Mobile Data Collection features when you implement VisitBasis Merchandising Mobile app for all your retail execution needs. Tablet and smartphone Data Capture features will grant you the access to essential tools that are needed for high quality and successful retail visits.

VisitBasis - Mobile Data Capture Features:

  • Mobile Forms
    Convert field tasks with mobile forms for tablets and other mobile devices. Create your customized layout to include items like pictures, signatures, etc.
  • Workflow Process
    Manage and oversee all field work tasks and the development of workflows.
  • Offline Use
    Collect Data offline and sync automatically when internet services become available.
  • Data Integration
    Utilize API and XML Spreadsheets for enterprise synchronization.

VisitBasis - Mobile Data Capture features truly empower field reps with the necessary tools for retail visits in the palm of their hands.

Create your account with VisitBasis today and start reaping from the excellent and beneficial features that VisitBasis has to offer on their mobile retail execution app!


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