Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pay-As-You-Go Software = Ticket to Savings

In yesterday’s post “Pay-As-You-Go: The New Approach to SaaS” we talked about the advantages of pay-as-you-go charges versus the traditional per user/month system and all the extras one has to pay for when using a subscription-based software service.

But how does VisitBasis’ new pay-per-use system for its Mobile Retail Execution and Merchandising Tool translate into savings for real-life businesses?

mobile retail execution, mobile merchandising, mobile field marketingLet’s see two case studies.*

Small business in the food sector:
  • 1 office-only user – owner 
  • 1 mobile user – sales/field marketing
  • Average of 4 visits/business day
  • Competition monthly cost: $60 (2 users)
  • VisitBasis cost for 88 visits: $17.60
  • Monthly savings: $43.40

Regional food broker - sales and marketing agency:
  • 4 office-only users – sales and operations management, merchandising, admin
  • 15 regular mobile users – retail execution team
  • 3 seasonal/temporary mobile users
  • Average of 7 visits/mobile user/business day
  • Competition monthly cost: $660 (22 users)
  • VisitBasis cost for 2310 visits: $462
  • Monthly savings: $198
Additionally, with VisitBasis there is no need to invest in equipment: BYOD (bring your own device) means mobile users can use their own iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

See how VisitBasis can help your business grow while saving - sign up today and get $50 in visit credits!

*Case study parameters: 22 business days per month, competition monthly cost of $30 per user.

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