Thursday, September 10, 2015

Retail KPIs and the Second Revolution of Mobile Data Collection

Key Performance Indicators in retail become increasingly easier to monitor and analyze with mobile data collection solutions such as VisitBasis

When it comes to monitoring and analyzing KPIs, VisitBasis is one of the most complete mobile data collection solutions in the market. It offers several ways for customers to compile, filter, and read data, so users of all backgrounds (and not only "IT people") can quickly view the information they are looking for:
  • VisitBasis Analytics – This interface provides a one-touch solution for visualizing compiled data in chart format. It is a fast and easy way to view KPIs by any user with analytics privileges and it can be accessed on any PC, Mac or mobile device. Reports can then be saved to PDF or printed.
  • Reports – These make it easy for VisitBasis users to extract data in spreadsheet format and create their own reports in tools such as Excel and GoogleDocs.
  • Simple Query – VisitBasis Simple Query allows users to customize the way they view collected data by applying filters and organizing rows and columns. Data can then be exported in spreadsheet format and preferred views can be bookmarked for later use.
  • BigQuery – For tech-savvy users, VisitBasis includes access to data through Google BigQuery, a platform that allows for advanced querying of data sources and also permits connections from external apps through REST APIs. 

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