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The Importance of Customer-Facing Time and How to Increase It

Customer-facing time is an essential part of sales. By interacting with customers, outside sales reps and marketing agents can better understand their needs and wants, leading to better sales outcomes (quantity and/or satisfaction) and eventually to more customer-centric products.

In retail, increased customer face time with a store manager means that the salesperson will have a better grasp of the peculiarities of each point-of-sale and will build sales orders that will lead to improvements in product turnover ratios and less out-of-stocks.

However, customer-facing time is increasingly considered a rare luxury and many are the threats to it: Endless team meetings, traffic delays, scattered sales territories, email overloads, reporting and paperwork, etc.

An outside sales software can be instrumental in increasing customer-facing time. By implementing an outside sales software solution, sales managers are able to see several improvements that can lead to increased customer-facing time, such as the following:

  • Better territory management
    With an outside sales software, sales managers can visualize territories on a map, and plan them in order to minimize travel distances.
  • Less travel time
    Besides territory mapping, a state-of-the-art outside sales software will also offer route optimization capabilities, calculating the shortest daily route for each rep.
  • Less paperwork, reporting and emailing
    An outside sales software with mobile app will allow sales reps to access product collaterals, place orders, fill out forms, take pictures, verify equipment, and make visit notes, among others, all in their mobile devices, while giving managers access to the information collected in real time. 

VisitBasis is a complete outside sales software solution that delivers all the tools your reps need to succeed at their fingertips. The VisitBasis App is available for unlimited downloads on Google Play or App Store.

See today what an outside sales software solution can do for your organization - try VisitBasis for free!


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