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Solving Information Loss in Merchandising Once and For All

Information loss used to be an inevitable consequence of retail merchandising. With many field reps performing a number of tasks on each one of the stores in their individual territories, it is easy to see how the amount of data collected on the field grows exponentially and is, therefore, increasingly difficult to handle and more subject to information loss.

Mobile merchandising software is the ideal solution to information loss in retail merchandising. When businesses implement a mobile merchandising software solution, they prevent information loss in the following stages of data processing:
  • Data collection
    It is easy to see how information can get lost in traditional pen-and-paper merchandising. With mobile merchandising software, field reps perform tasks such as filling out forms and taking pictures in their mobile devices, leading to less misunderstanding and mix-ups.
  • Data transcription
    With mobile merchandising software, there is no data transcription. The information goes directly from the rep's mobile device to data storage, meaning that there is no information loss due to time gaps between data gathering and transcription or due to issues such as miscommunication between rep and transcriber.
  • Data storage
    A state-of-the-art mobile merchandising software uses Cloud storage. Cloud technologies such as Google Cloud are the safest choice when it comes to data storage, simply because of the safety layers that these systems provide in addition to the worldwide data access allowed by them. This means that there is no data loss because of hard-copy file misplacement or system failures.
VisitBasis is a complete mobile merchandising software solution that runs in the Cloud. It is made for both Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, is extremely easy to deploy, and you can try it completely free. Just register at, download free VisitBasis App on Google Play or App Store and solve merchandising information loss once and for all.


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