Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why Empowering Merchandising Teams is the Best Way to Improve Planogram Compliance

Maintaining planogram compliance is an ongoing challenge that most, if not all, retail professionals such as merchandising, brand, and category managers face on an everyday basis.

In order to maximize product and category profitability, it is mandatory to have a sustainable planogram compliance process in place since the investment made in launching a product can completely be undone by poor sales at the retail channel.

When it comes to dealing with planograms, it is key to enable better communication between all the retail channel stockholders - from the merchandising/category professional who develops the planogram, to the retailer and the field rep who will be verifying the POG at the point-of-sale.

A retail planogram software for compliance checks is an essential component of this equation. It enables office-based professionals, such as category and merchandising managers, to communicate clearly with field reps their views for optimal planograms. Furthermore, it allows for an almost immediate response in case of non-compliance.

Companies looking into implementing a retail planogram software for compliance checks should look for the following software characteristics:

  • The ability for the field rep who is performing the planogram compliance check to refer to the original schematics, such as task- (in case of seasonal items) or location-specific attachments.
  • Real-time monitoring of field activities and automatic notification of mission-critical retail situations, such as out-of-stocks.
  • GPS-stamped data collection in order to avoid fraudulent check-ins.
  • Easy-to-use, cross-platform so field reps will be comfortable using the app and increase audit accuracy.

VisitBasis provides CPG and FMCG manufacturers, retailers, and sales and marketing companies a state-of-the-art retail planogram software for compliance checks with all the key elements necessary for an effective empowerment of merchandising teams.

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