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Removing Sales Rep Objection to New Mobile Technologies

People in general are resistant to change. When implementing new business technologies, the field sales department tends to be the last one to cave in to the pressure of senior management, IT, or even HR, to change existing processes.

The most important reason for that is that no one wants to disrupt sales cycles (and risk jeopardizing revenues) even if it means that there will be a significant process improvement, despite the transition period.

After all, why should a sales rep go through the trouble of adjusting to a new process if it only means more bureaucracy and less customer-facing time? In order to remove manager and rep objection while implementing a field sales management app, it is critical to choose a solution that offers features that make a difference, such as the following:

  • Tangible improvements - Some field sales management apps offer advanced tools such as route optimization - where a rep can calculate the shortest route for the day, easy access to sales literature, among others.
  • More selling, less office work - A state-of-the-art field sales management app means full sales process automation, meaning that the rep should be able to virtually eliminate the extra time needed to fill out reports, provide customer summaries, etc. 
  • Cross-platform interface - This means that the rep will be able to work on his/her own mobile device, whether he/she prefers Apple or Android, smartphone or tablet. The field sales management app should work seamlessly across all of them, also reducing training time.
VisitBasis Field Sales Management App provides sales reps with all the information and tools they need to sell and managers with the opportunity to improve mentoring through monitoring of sales rep activity and sales team performance analysis. Watch the below video on some of VisitBasis most recent features:

Register today to get free access to VisitBasis Field Sales Management App at VisitBasis Mobile App for Field Sales Reps is available for free download on Google Play and App Store.


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