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Key Reasons to Implement Field Team Management Software

Today due to the new mobile technology field team management becomes much more effective. By using a field team management software solution, a manager can set up retail visits and tasks for the whole field team in several minutes, and analyze all the information from points of sale live, as there as field reps perform tasks at points of sale. Empowered with mobile tools for store data collection, your field team members are able to perform all point-of-sale activities using just their tablets and smartphones, with no need of visiting the office to get the schedule and report back.

The new way of field team management provides faster data workflow and reduces time for decision-making. If your company is not already using a field team management solution, consider the opportunities to start. Below you can find the list of reasons why implement field team management software.

  • Simplify planning – Field team management software allows easily organizing the schedule of visits for field reps individually, or in bulk, for any period of time.
  • Automate organization – All the visits and tasks are instantly displayed in tablets and smartphones of merchandisers due to automatic synchronization.
  • Stay up-to-date – field team management software allows managers and supervisors to get live retail visit confirmation and monitor field team members on the map in real time, including their routes, the arrival time, and time spent at each point-of-sale.
  • Streamline data workflow – Get all the informations on customers, locations, products, users, schedule, tasks, orders, audit results, customer surveys and more in one place. Field team management software allows managing all kinds of operations in the field using just one application. All the data is stored in the Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Shorten the reporting process – Mobile forms allow collecting data very quickly and accurate, eliminating paperwork and minimizing mistakes. All the data collected at stores is automatically transferred to corporate database and is available for integration with company’s back-end system, export or analysis. Field team management software allows getting ultimate custom reports and dashboards in seconds.

Manage your field team more efficiently, using latest mobile technology. Register at for the free trial and schedule a free live demo to see how it works.


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