Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Ways to Optimize Your Field Team Management

Managing a sales team isn't easy. In today’s world sales team members can even work in different cities, countries and time zones, or even speak different languages. A field team manager has to deal with a lot of information and coordinate different processes during a day. The key solution to simplify field team management together with making it more effective is to use the right tools for planning, monitoring, control and analysis of all the activities in the field.

Today there are different kinds of field team management software solutions on the market, which allow managers gather real-time store data to streamline retail operations for greater efficiency and profitability. By implementing the right type of software with such features as Cloud storage, BYOD implementation, offline data collection capabilities, time and GPS-tracking, role-based access to data, you'll be able to optimize your field team management in the following ways:
  • Store all the data in one place. A comprehensive software solution for field team management allows managing customers, products and users; plan retail visits and create various mobile missions for retail audits, order taking, customer survey, in-store measurement, mystery shopping, and so on; monitor all the activities in the field; communicate directly with mobile staff and built analytic reports to assess field team performance. The great benefit of a field team management solution is that you don’t have to switch between different systems while managing these processes – everything you need to control your field team members can be found in one application.
  • Use all the advantages of Cloud data storage, free of charge. Some of field team management software vendors offer Cloud storage as a part of their service. Keeping your data in the Cloud has significant advantages compared to traditional data storage.  Cloud field team management solutions allow you to instantly aggregate data as soon as field activities are being completed and access your data from anywhere 24/7. When adopting a Cloud-based field team management software solution, you can count on the best service availability even if your company is multinational and runs in different countries and time zones.
  • Eliminate hardware costs by virtue of BYOD solution. The up-to-date field team management solutions run common software platforms, such as Android and iOS, which allows using personal tablets and smartphones to perform tasks at points of sale. By using the devices they’ve already got used to, your field reps can be more comfortable and effective, and the company doesn’t have to spend money for training and purchase of devices.
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