Friday, June 12, 2015

Three Simple Steps to Effective Territory Management

Territory management enables you to set up and process territory assignments and to allocate sales responsibilities across your company. Efficient territory management ensures customer satisfaction and sales growth due to better coverage of your sales territories.
Here at VisitBasis we’ve designed a comprehensive mobile solution for territory management that provides real-time monitoring and control of your field reps performance and allows you to easily organize your sales territories in the most efficient manner.
Here are three simple steps to define your sales territories using the VisitBasis territory management features.

1. Review current retail conditions and analyze previous results of sales teams performance. Aggregate all the information about customers (location, order amounts, time spent to visits) and field reps (travel routes, time spent with customers and driving, quality of the tasks performance). Completing this step will further allow you to set up goals and targets of your territory management and to choose the strategy of territory distribution. With VisitBasis retail audit software you can generate up-to-the-minute reports filtering all the information that comes from the field. Build analytic reports based on time-stamped and GPS-confirmed data and get the exact information you need at the moment using sophisticated data filters.

2. Categorize your customers and define the method of territory division. VisitBasis retail audit software allows you to easily manage your customers. Adding customer properties to all points of sales (like size, sales space, attendance, merchandise turnover, specific needs) will allow you to sort customers by defined categories when aligning field reps. Later on you’ll be able to easily divide territories by location or by any other attribute assigned to customers.

3. Assign field reps to the customers. After your customers are placed into certain categories you can start to distribute territories between your field reps. VisitBasis retail audit software allows you to easily assign customers to field reps and vice versa. Click on the map and assign users to the customers individually or perform map search to assign points of sale in bulk to several users simultaneously.

The main goal of territory planning is to maximize the time spent with customers and to minimize the time spent traveling between customers' locations and visiting low-return customers. Consider your reps previous experience and personal connections to get the territories that provide best opportunities for each field team member. Designed territories should also have equal potential for new customers.

Today the option of territory management automation is affordable to any company. Sign up at to get your territory management solution completely free and see for yourself how it works.

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