Thursday, June 11, 2015

Retail Audit Software: Key Benefits for Territory Management

Sales territories distribution is one of the most time-consuming and challenging processes for field team managers. In order to divide territories in a way that makes sense a field team manager should at least analyze the previous information from current customers including financial data, order amounts, points of sale locations, frequency of retail visits. This allows field team managers to identify the key goals of territory planning and to provide efficient territory distribution.

Territory management automation by virtue of a retail audit software solution simplifies territory management and analysis of retail performance. VisitBasis Retail Execution is sales territory planning and management software that helps to automate territory management in your company.

Using VisitBasis Retail Execution App for territory planning allows clearly defining field reps responsibilities and avoiding territory overlap and conflicts between team members. You can easily schedule visits in bulk for any period of time and optimize field reps routes automatically. 

Here is the list of VisitBasis territory management features that helps companies to establish optimal territory and route definitions:
  • Discover your customers on the map – Use our interactive search capabilities to navigate your customers and see them on the map. Filter customers on the map by name, address, area code, custom properties
  • Assign users to customers or vice versa – Click on the map and assign users for the customers individually or perform map search to assign points of sale in bulk to several users simultaneously
  • Add new customers being in the field – It is extremely easy for a field rep to discover and add new customers on the go
  • Export and import customer/user mapping – You can make the user assignment very efficient using this simple method
  • Avoid territory overlap – We made it easy for your to compare two or more users territories to eliminate overlapping customers
  • Have a clear view of sales territories – See each user territory in unique colors

To start your territory management today in the most efficient manner register at and get your free access to our retail execution software.

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