Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Building a Culture of Field Force Efficiency

highly-productive and efficient field force is a must-have for retail-related businesses. Merchandising departments and sales and marketing agencies in CPG, however, have a hard time managing their field force mostly due to high rep turnover.

While some factors that lead to high turnover cannot be controlled - such as personal expectations and lack of knowledge of what the field rep job entails - it is proven that effective mentoring can dramatically reduce turnover and improve rep productivity and efficiency.

The "field" aspect of field forces, however, can make rep mentoring a challenge, to say the least, since one-on-one monitoring becomes highly costly and time-demanding.

A field force monitoring solution can be an invaluable tool in mentoring reps.  When reps have a field force monitoring solution in their mobile devices, they can view their schedule, perform tasks, answer questionnaires, take pictures, capture signatures, and place orders, among others, in their smartphones or tablets. Then, without leaving the office, field operations managers and supervisors can track field rep activity in real time and constantly evaluate their performance. 

VisitBasis is a field force monitoring solution that offers all the tools needed for field operations managers and supervisors to effectively plan, track and evaluate their team activities. The VisitBasis field force monitoring solution includes many capabilities that will assist with field rep compliance and mentoring, such as the following :

  • Optimized GPS routing, maximizing the number of visits per day 
  • Visit scheduling and planning integrated with Google Calendar
  • True online/offline capabilities, so reps are able to work even if they don't have coverage
  • Instant notifications of specific tasks (such as orders) or visits to key locations
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