Thursday, May 12, 2016

Unlock the Power of Sales Force Automation to Increase Profits

Sales force automation has so many benefits that it has become no longer optional. The key to successfully automate sales forces, however, relies on the tools and systems chosen to support such automation.

With the right sales force automation software, your company will be able to:
  • Virtually eliminate the use of paper by trading order forms, reports and even sales literature for their electronic equivalents.
  • Save on travel reimbursements and maximize customer-facing time by calculating the shortest customer round for each day.
  • Implement revenue-boosting strategies by communicating more effectively with your reps through visit checklists and notes.
  • "Be on the field" with each rep by monitoring their activities and location.
  • And much more.
Sales force automation software, therefore, gives companies a powerful tool that handles all steps of field sales management, from planning and scheduling of retail visits to analyzing results.

Now that you have decided to implement sales force automation, the next step is to choose the right sales force automation software for your company's needs and requirements.

VisitBasis is a powerful sales force automation software that has the scalability necessary to adapt itself to each company's specific needs. With state-of-the-art cloud and GPS technologies, VisitBasis sales force management solution is a powerful web-based platform for monitoring field sales activities and real-time supervising geographically dispersed sales teams.

Ready to try the benefits of sales force automation software? Sign up today at for a free trial, or book a free online demo and let us show you how it works.

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