Thursday, April 7, 2016

How to Take the Chaos Out of Field Sales Management

Field sales management can become quite a daunting challenge: In addition to managing people, there is the complicating factor that the sales reps are scattered over a sometimes vast territory, and some do not even come to the sales office regularly.

But technology has been making the life of field sales managers a lot easier these days, with field sales management software being the ideal solution for this chaotic scenario.

By adopting a field sales management software solution, management is able to "be in the field" with the reps, not only allowing for a mere aggregation of data but also providing an opportunity for better communication and mentoring.

VisitBasis field sales management software solution consists of a mobile app, which sales reps use to place in-store orders and returns; and a browser-based management interface, where field sales managers monitor field team activities in real time.

VisitBasis field sales management software capabilities include:
  • Planning and scheduling of sales rep retail visits.
  • Sales rep route optimization both on the management interface as well as on mobile devices.
  • Customizable task templates with different types of answers, including photos, signatures, and more.
  • Location-specific price lists and must-stock lists.
  • Instant alerts for field sales managers on tasks and orders completed.
  • GPS-confirmed and time-stamped data, excluding the possibility of fraudulent check-ins or reports.
  • True offline capabilities, so field sales reps can perform tasks and complete orders even if there is no Internet connection.
See today how VisitBasis field sales management software can bring order to the chaos of field sales operations: Schedule a free demo by clicking here.

Watch the below video and see how easy it is for your sales reps to use the VisitBasis field sales mobile app:

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