Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Leaders in Field Marketing are Doing This

Whether you are a professional in CPG manufacturing or in retail, it is impossible to ignore the move towards field marketing software and automatization, since the tangible benefits of implementing a field marketing software solution outweigh almost any cost that it may incur.
Managing field marketing activities is complex and costly. Field marketing managers constantly face many challenges including weak feedback, slow data workflow, significant time gaps between field marketing events and reports, data errors and lost paperwork, fraudulent reports, etc. 

Therefore, a complete field marketing software solution will offer a set of tools that streamlines the information workflow from the point-of-sale all the way to the boardroom, providing useful insights to all stakeholders:

  • Customizable forms and surveys, allowing users to create specific task templates for each field marketing activity and virtually eliminating the chaos of paper forms, spreadsheets and emails.
  • Ability to monitor, track and analyze field marketing activities in real-time, in order to speed up decision-making and reduce the time needed to address mission-critical situations.
  • Automated reporting both for field representatives - with mobile access to all data and tools required to collect critical information for store performance analysis - and managers, with real-time information on what is going on in the field.
  • Easy implementation and independence from IT departments with a cloud-based SaaS field marketing software and BYOD (bring your own device) platform.
VisitBasis field marketing software allows companies to easily customize their marketing activity data collection, with time-stamped and GPS-confirmed data from points-of-sale, while providing powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. VisitBasis is comprised of a platform-independent field marketing management software that works on any PC or Mac and a free mobile app available for any Android and iOS smartphone or tablet. 
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