Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Implementing Merchandising Software is Easier than You Think

Most businesses in the product sales and marketing industry would benefit from implementing a merchandising software solution but many end up caught in old-fashioned data collection methods due to the misconception that implementing merchandising software is time-consuming, expensive, and all-around complicated.

Today's mobile merchandising software solutions debunk those myths and actually it can be quite simple to implement a system that fulfills all your merchandising business needs without breaking the bank.

To successfully implement a merchandising software solution for your business, choose a system that provides:
  1. Immediate, independent set-up, with no need for installations or support from IT personnel.
  2. Access by your reps to a free mobile merchandising app on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device, meaning you will not have to invest on new hardware.
  3. Scalability through a pay-per-user system - what you will pay for using the software will be proportional to the size of your company - and no set-up fees. 
  4. The ability for your reps to work both online and offline, in case they end up in an area with no wireless or WiFi Internet connection.
  5. Tools designed specifically for merchandising activities, such as visit scheduling and planning, and easy setup of planogram checks.
  6. Fast and easy reporting capabilities, so you can easily access and share POS visit information.

VisitBasis was designed by merchandisers, for merchandisers. It is a complete merchandising software solution that allows you to quickly and easily implement a cost-efficient point-of-sale data collection system with no need for technical knowledge.

You can schedule a VisitBasis Merchandising software demo by clicking here.

Watch the below video to see an overview of the VisitBasis Merchandising app:

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