Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mobile Data Collection Solution for Field Rep Monitoring

Many companies utilize surveys and data collection services to take advantage of real-time information and VisitBasis Data Collection App provides easy access to all tools required for paperless data collection. The use of efficient and accurate data collection methods ensure statistically reliable results to understand the present and plan the future.

VisitBasis Retail Execution is a cloud data collection solution that consists of a browser-based office interface and an app for mobile users. The office interface allows managers, executives and supervisors to build detailed data collection forms and checklists, as well as schedule appointments and monitor execution of field activities. VisitBasis Data Collection App works on most smartphones and tablets and allows field reps to quickly and easily execute the activities assigned to them.

VisitBasis Data Collection App gives field reps easy access to all merchandising and sales data and tools required to perform in-store activities and allows them to collect critical information for store performance analysis. Office supervisors can monitor all the field activities in real time using VisitBasis web-based dashboards and reports.

Power to the company: VisitBasis Office Interface
  • Build detailed data capture forms for field teams that include photos and signatures
  • Manage customers, territories, reps, and products
  • Schedule visits for your field reps and assign visit-specific tasks
  • Monitor in real-time on the map your team’s field data collection activities
  • Analyse the incoming data, generating detailed reports

Power to field reps: VisitBasis Mobile data collection App
  • Easy to use data collection tools for field reps
  • All the information your team needs at their fingertips: forms, checklists, customer contacts, product details
  • Route optimization – everybody saves time and money
  • No signal, no problem: app works both online/offline and synchronizes automatically
  • Works on iOs and Android devices, available for free download on Google Play or App Store.

To try our data collection software for free register at and download the VisitBasis Retail Audit App free on Google Play or App Store.
To learn more about how it works request a demo or check the links below to watch the demo videos.

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