Friday, May 1, 2020

5 Benefits of Field Force Automation

Supervising outside staff and field reps is one of the hardest parts of a manager’s job description, just because there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the activities being performed by the team members throughout the day.

That is the main reason many companies are implementing field force automation. Through mobile technology, smartphones and tablets have become an essential tool for outside teams. But what are the main benefits of field force automation?

Improved staff accountability
An app for field teams allows for straightforward GPS tracking as well for verification of visits. This means that underperforming team members can be easily spotted and then coached into delivering the expected results.

Improved quality of data collected
Paper forms are difficult to update, so many companies just rely on freestyle reporting from their reps and miss out on getting answers that could make a real difference when it comes to developing strategies based on hard data. One of the greatest benefits of field force automation is that it allows management to fully customize forms that will then be answered by their reps on their mobile devices.

Improved staff satisfaction
Many might think that outside staff and reps might have a natural resistance to apps for field teams. However, after a system is implemented, teams show a high level of satisfaction since it virtually eliminates off-hours reporting.

Reduced travel costs
Many apps for field teams, besides GPS tracking, also offer optimized calculation of routes. This allows staff to follow the shortest daily route, leading to reduced mileage reimbursements.

Boost in sales and customer satisfaction
As a consequence of optimized travel routes, increased staff accountability and satisfaction, less time spent reporting, and better data collection, one surprising benefit of field force automation is that it can lead to a boost in sales and customer satisfaction. With the time savings, reps might be able to fit in one or more customer calls a day, and with improved quality.

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