Friday, September 16, 2016

Monetizing Results from Your Merchandising Team Activities

In corporate accounting, departments such as marketing and merchandising tend to be exclusively on the "expenses" column while sales takes all the credit for revenues. This is something that should not be taken lightly: In order to maximize profits, businesses are always looking for ways to shrink cost centers as much as possible so any expense that does not generate tangible sales returns is immediately at risk.

Mobile software for merchandising can provide you the tools to turn a perceived cost center into a revenue center and show upper management the return on their investment by clearly connecting sales results with the respective marketing and merchandising activities.

Implementing mobile software for merchandising will not only empower your individual field team members with a tool that streamlines their in-store activities, but also gives managers a powerful monitoring, training and mentoring channel.

Here are some ways in which mobile software for merchandising can help you monetize on your field team activities:

  • Every merchandising rep should always be selling tooMobile software for merchandising not only gives reps the access to mission-critical information, but also allows managers to tailor in-store activities, making sure that the reps are giving the correct answers, asking the right questions and presenting products in the most efficient way.
  • Track and analyze - every single campaignMobile software for merchandising allows for easy access to campaign data from overall results all the way down to the individual store visit information. This allows for an in-depth merchandising campaign analysis that enables uncovering any holes that could potentially be hindering success.
  • Practice makes perfectBy setting up recurring visits on mobile software for merchandising and then consistently analyzing the results, field marketing management can detect and replicate effective promotion strategies.

VisitBasis mobile software for merchandising that allows you to quickly and easily implement and monitor cost-efficient point-of-sale marketing.

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