Friday, January 9, 2015

Field Rep Monitoring and Mobile Data Collection Solution

Field reps visit multiple stores every day to help consumer packaged goods companies to ensure the product is properly priced and merchandised. Field sales automation allows companies to tighten collaboration between field reps and points of sales and to achieve the best results at the store shelf.
VisitBasis offers Field Rep Monitoring Solution for managing, scheduling, and monitoring field reps' activities in real-time. VisitBasis Mobile App gives field reps easy access to all merchandising and sales data and tools required to perform in-store activities and allows them to collect critical information for store performance analysis. The office supervisors can track all the field activities in real time using VisitBasis web-based dashboards and reports. VisitBasis Field Rep Monitoring App works both on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. VisitBasis app is ideal for field representatives, merchandising, retail audits, mystery shopping, promotions.

With VisitBasis Orders and Returns your field sales reps are able to easily reorder items that are out-of-stock and automatically place these orders as soon as a connection is established. The app automatically tracks every activity the rep performs.
Run your planogram checks, promotion and price check, competition surveys, product display photo reports, shelf spacing and product face counting tasks to ensure compliance with your retail execution plans.
VisitBasis Field Rep Monitoring App  allows you to optimize field rep scheduling, planning and tracking. Manage territories among your field reps, schedule and plan visits, optimize field rep routes so they spend more time on the actual visits than travelling. GPS technology helps tracking all field activities live on the map. The office managers can easily access field reps timesheets.

If you intend to boost your sales, ensure best product display and effective promotion try VisitBasis Field Rep Monitoring App now! Just register account at and start field sales force automation free!

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