Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Control Your Merchandising Reps Using Retail Visit Management App

What are your merchandising reps doing?
In merchandising operations, not delegating is not an option. It is a given that managers and supervisors need to empower their field team members in order to make in-store strategies happen. However, much control is lost over extremely important activities, such as planogram implementations.

VisitBasis offers a way for management to be in the field at all times. It provides tools that help pinpoint potential threats to the success of merchandising strategies, such as fraudulent check-ins. VisitBasis is a complete retail merchandising system designed to build, schedule and monitor field team activities in real time, consisting on a mobile app where field reps perform in-store activities and a browser-based management interface.

VisitBasis Merchandiser App features include:
·       Visit planning and scheduling.
·       Advanced task building, including photos, signatures, and more.
·       GPS and time-stamping of all field activities. Route planning.
·       CRM and product catalogue; mobile ordering.
·       Works offline and synchronizes once mobile user goes online.

To see how VisitBasis can improve the effectiveness of your merchandising reps create an account at and download free VisitBasis Merchandiser App on Google Play and App Store.

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